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Onida AC Technologies VS Whirlpool AC Technologies in India 2021

With the scorching summers going to knock on your door in a span of a couple of weeks, are you currently on a quest for the best manufacturer of AC? Onida might become your go-to brand in that conflict against the towering temperature.

Lucky Goldstar or Onida--a name by which it is better known, is reliable for its quality, innovation, and support from the experts and consumers alike. Onida is known to launch ACs aptly fitting the customer requirement in terms of design, tonnage, cooling capacity, condenser, compressor, and much more. A 1-ton model was tested in Onida AC Review. Visit it to find some honest testing results.

Onida's ACs deliver a comfortable cooling system by adjusting the temperature according to the entire body's metabolism. Onida, Voltas, Bluestar, Daikin, and Samsung are prominent AC brands by sales in India, controlling approximately two-thirds of their ac market.

While other foreign manufacturers largely rely on imports, Onida has established two manufacturing units, one in Pune and the other one in Noida. Onida happens to be OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for several AC components such as the compressor.

This gives Onida the import duty benefit that translates into cheaper ACs for consumers. Onida was one of the first brands to provide inverter AC in India, and from 2018 onwards, all the split ACs provided by Onida are inverter-based.

We'll learn more about the inverter technology offered by Onida in this report. In the residential segment, Onida offers both types of air conditioners--split and window.

Key Onida AC Technologies

Himalaya Cool Technology to enjoy the déjà vu of Himalayas

Like we mentioned earlier, summer is on the way. Each Indian summer brings along a bunch of warmth, forcing you to start looking for a refuge. Imagine yourself in a nice hill station, a cool breeze flowing from the Himalayas.

Well, it does feel so soothing, eh? With your routine work, how long could you be able to remain there, escaping the sweltering heat? Himalaya Cool technologies from Onida tries to replicate this ancestral feel so you can find the ambiance of the mountain station in the comfort of your home.

There's a dedicated button to enable this mode tagged as HCOOL on the distance. When empowered, AC would throw cool atmosphere at a super-high rate for around 30 minutes until the temperature of this space is brought down to a comfortably cool degree.

With the Himalaya Cool technologies, Onida ACs deliver faster cooling without compromising about the energy-saving aspect. Particular models of Onida use a similar manner called JetCool, whose functioning is close to that of Himalaya Cool.

Monsoon Comfort to Combat High Humidity

Summertime makes the AC dizzy, and together also the monsoon to follow, regular ACs could fail to control the humidity or even lead to water leakage.

During the rainy period, traditional air conditioners not only have more energy but also produce the room uncomfortably cold, which may cause health conditions like sneezing, a common cold, or perhaps a headache.

Onida being a seasoned brand has noticed that this problem specific to the subcontinent's climate. As a solution for this, new models of Onida ACs include Monsoon Comfort technology. On allowing the Monsoon Comfort option, the refrigerant cycle is expedited to rapidly extract humidity from the room.

Normally increasing the frequency of the refrigerant cycle would lead to an increase in power consumption. However, Onida has optimized this technology to keep energy consumption nominal. The Monsoon Comfort technology provides balanced cooling amidst the towering humidity during the rainy season.

Control The AC With Your Smartphone

Flagship AC models manufactured by Onida include Smart ThinQ equipped with WiFi control which permits you to command the AC from anywhere at the entrance of the fingers. Onida has made ThinQ program to restrain almost any Onida appliances (assuming they've ThinQ functionality) via a smartphone, and it’s valid even for modern generation ACs.

Just how many times it has happened that you are out for work and return exasperated. You turn your AC ON as the sweat flows out of your brows, awaiting the room to cool. This waiting period is one of the most annoying periods.

But with Onida smart ACs, you can remotely schedule to turn on your AC prior to your arrival at home so that when you're back, your space is cool to your comfort. ThinQ program allows users to control temperature, fix swing positions, alter fan speed and program AC turning on and off-time intervals.

As an energy-saving activist, the best part about Onida ACs has been their energy tracking attribute in the ThinQ program, which exhibits the amount of energy absorbed and aids in understanding AC consumption and usage pattern.

2-in-1 AC: Cooling and Heating

Whenever you hear the phrase AC, what comes to the brain is an appliance that blows chilled air bringing the temperature of the enclosed space to comfortably cool levels. But the leaders of ac systems invented it with a notion of "conditioning" or putting it to some desired/specific temperature.

Hence, ACs should condition the temperature in cold times also as per the consumer's requirement, i.e., it must heat the room during the freezing winters. Well, modern top split ACs are capable of implementing that concept (of heating during winters) as well.

They come with an inbuilt heater functionality as a heat mode option, which, when enabled, could undo the air conditioning procedure. This ends in the circulation of hot air within the room. The best part is it doesn't use a heating component like traditional heaters.

This means they are not far more energy-efficient compared to the heaters but also removes the risk of low oxygen normal problems with the ordinary heaters.

4D Cooling with 30ft. Airflow for perfect & Uniform Cooling

Normally, ACs arrive with a 2-way (down and up ) swing blade to disseminate a cool atmosphere within the area. But contemporary premium Onida ACs include all the 4 Directional (4D) atmosphere swing operate (up-down + right-left) that blows the cool air off in numerous directions to ensure thorough cooling within the space.

The principal advantage with 4-way swing ACs is that the capability to disperse the airflow throughout the area without the compulsory need of manual modification from the consumer. Modern split ACs out of Onida include a bigger fan and body that raises the airflow and disperse it around 30 feet. Because of this, each corner of this space is almost as trendy as the place in the front of the AC blade.

Annihilate Harmful Bacteria and Fungi with Double Protection Filter

High-end divide ACs out of Onida are safeguarded with two security filters. They guarantee protection from various harmful contaminants such as:

  • Hair

  • Pollen

  • Dust mites

  • Fungi spores

  • Exhaust fumes

  • Compounds

This dual protection system includes two specific filters:

  1. 3M Micro Protection Filter.

  2. Double Safety Filter

The above-mentioned filters operate in tandem to filter both out --visible and invisible harmful microscopic impurities such as PM 1 and PM 2.5.

For people who don't understand, PM 1 and PM 2.5 are ultra fine particulate matter particles having diameter below 1 micron (such as PM 1) and a diameter less than 2.5 microns (such as PM 2.5). A micron is a unit of dimension on a microscopic scale with one inch equating to 25,000 microns.

PM 1 and PM 2.5 may cause significant health handicaps since they may travel throughout the respiratory tract hitting the lungs. They could Lead to the next health impairments:

  • Reduction in lung functioning

  • Throat and lung irritation

  • Eye and nose irritation

  • Increased rates of asthma

  • Coughing and sneezing

Modern Onida ACs shield users from the scourge of dangerous parasitic and other microscopic organisms. Additionally, these filters are simple to wash.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant and Low Refrigerant Alert

Each of the new versions from Onida includes eco-friendly R32 or even R410 refrigerants. Onida has obtained conscious attempts to wean out R22 refrigerant that has high ozone depletion potential.

Another matter is that refrigerant levels will go low with time because of conversion losses. Though this practice is very slow when the refrigerant amounts fall below certain amounts, the cooling lifespan and performance of AC are hampered.

That is why high-end Onida versions like KS-Q18SNXD include a low refrigerant indicator that alerts the users if refrigerant levels drop below the threshold on the wise screen of their AC.

Mosquito Away Technology to Repel Mosquitoes

Are you somebody who's frequently pestered by mosquito bites in conducting AC? Well, then Onida ACs can be your savior. In reality, Onida is India's first manufacturer to come with anti-mosquito technology.

There's a dedicated button for empowering Mosquito Away mode when the AC is off. When enabled, a particular array of ultrasonic frequency waves which mosquitoes can not stand, these waves are inaudible to human ears and totally secure also. Therefore, without using any dangerous chemicals, contemporary Onida ACs make mosquitoes recede out of your room.

Ocean Black Protection with Auto Clean Functionality

If your house is nearby a coastal area, then AC gets vulnerable to a corrosive atmosphere. The heat exchanger is the most vulnerable and sterile environment and wouldn't just reduce cooling performance but may also hamper AC's lifespan. Because of this total cost of owning an AC increases immensely.

Onida has arrived up with specially designed air conditioners that offer protection against corrosion utilizing innovative Sea Black security technologies. These coastal area specialist ACs includes Ocean Blackfin with double protection coating. The Ocean Blackfin heating exchanger is in the heart of Onida's corrosion resistance technologies.

Before assembly, each fin of the heat exchanger is treated with a rust-resistant black coat and hydrophilic coating. Double protection coating is additionally employed to protect other elements like foundation bowl, support valve supporter, control box, fan engine mount, and other outside panels.

Onida AC coming to Ocean Black Protection is ISO accredited by UL, the reputed worldwide certification organization. Upon ASTM-B117 salt spray test, it was discovered that Onida AC elements have a tendency to endure 50%-90% more than normal ACs with no coverage.

Another great thing is that they include an auto-clean performance. This usually means that the inside of the air purifier is rectified by massaging the heat exchanger. Nano ions in the Ionizer sterilize the heat exchanger to limit the growth of mold and bacteria.

Multi-Flow Condenser and Rotary Compressor

Modern models of the Inverter V series come with a multi-flow condenser which comprises multiple stations using a slim design for the passage of coolant through it. This leads to faster cooling in an efficient method. The design lowers the air pressure drop and radiator heat load due to a super-thin profile.

The compressor used in the more recent versions is of the rotary type. The rotary compressor compresses the atmosphere by the centrifugal action of this high-speed impeller at a designated confined space.

As compared to the traditional reciprocating compressors, rotary compressors are much more efficient as they are designed in a way to reduce the reduction in pressure of refrigerator gas and create lesser noise.

Dual Inverter Technology with Variable Tonnage for perfectly Optimized Cooling

The new range of ACs from Onida is powered by the revolutionary DualCool technology. With an increased working frequency range, this dual inverter compressor technology provides Onida, an upper hand over its competitors concerning cooling efficiency. So, what's inverter technology?

Well, to be simple, inverter technology is comparable to the car accelerator. When the compressor requires more power, it offers it more energy. When it requires less power, it provides less power. With this particular technology, the compressor is always running but it draws less power or higher electricity depending upon the warmth of the incoming air and the amount set in the thermostat.

When compared with the conventional inverter, double inverter-based AC comes with an innovative BLDC motor using a larger selection of frequencies helping it to maintain the desired temperature with minimal fluctuations. Double Suspension ACs use changeable tonnage technology. So ACs having DualCool technology and coming with 1.5-ton capacity can change the tonnage from as reduced 0.26 ton to as large as 1.71 ton as per the v and ambient conditions.

Advantages of DualCool Inverter Technology:

  • Minimal noise

  • Reduced power consumption

  • Faster cooling

Whirlpool AC Technologies

Whirlpool is a reputed American manufacturer providing decent series of air conditioners (AC). Whirlpool ACs offer fantastic versatility and thoughtful innovation. Boasting 100+ years of experience, it is especially one of the very few consumer durables companies to endure the hardship of the great economic depression of the 1930s.

Today it is the largest home appliance maker in the entire world. Speaking about India's surgeries, Whirlpool entered the Indian market in the late 80s, partnering with the TVS group. Ever since that time, it rapidly expanded its operations and set up manufacturing units in Pune, Faridabad, and Pondicherry, with headquarters at Gurgaon.

Talking about market share, roughly 5% is what controls of their AC but with the rate of growth in double digits. Whirlpool operates only in the residential AC section providing two standard forms of ACs: window AC and divide AC.

Whirlpool is among the few brands that keep offering the latest advancements in its own appliances, and ACs are no exception. Variants of its famous 6th Sense Technology offer smart cooling technology with a focus on optimization to conserve energy. With the launch of new versions in the 3D Cool and Fantasia series, Whirlpool's ACs are on par with the 2018 BEE ( Bureau of Energy Efficiency) norms.

Key Air Conditioner Technology

IntelliComfort technology to Impart Optimized Cooling

Split ACs out of Whirlpool comes with 6th sense IntelliComfort technologies that come with a smart logic chip embedded right inside the AC.

For faster cooling along with energy conservation, it makes certain indoor unit properly gauges ambient humidity and then communicates with all the outdoor units to accommodate the AC operations. As an instance, when the indoor unit feels high humidity, then it lowers the fan speed and expedites the healing procedure to ensure faster cooling.

On the contrary, when it finds lower degrees of moisture, then it raises the fan speed while mitigating the condensation process deadline. This ensures optimum cooling with energy conserving.

3D Cool Extreme Technology for All-around Cooling

Generally, ordinary ACs possess a single vent for sucking out hot air from the space and thus aren't very efficient when it comes to cooling. But the premium split ACs from Whirlpool include 3D Cool Extreme technology using a 3-dimensional vent system that pulls out hot air and supplies temperature pull-down considerably faster.

The cooling of space happens because of the exchange of heat throughout the evaporator, which includes wider coils. Talking about 3D Cool Xtreme technology, huge quantity of hot air flows from the evaporator through tactical positioning of 3 vents--one in the top while two on the sides.

New versions of this Fantasia series come with a 39 feet atmosphere throw system to deliver uniform cooling in the bigger rooms. This guarantees uniform and quicker all-around cooling.

Dual Fan Compressor Technology for Faster Cooling

The compressor is the backbone of ACs, absorbing most of the electricity. It leads to gas compression causing it to become hot, and it is then condensed by the condenser coil. All new versions of Whirlpool ACs have an innovative Japanese rotary compressor.

The rotary compressor compresses the atmosphere by the centrifugal action of this high-speed impeller in a designated confined space. When compared to conventional reciprocating compressors, rotary compressors are way more effective since they're made in a way to decrease the loss in pressure of fridge gas and produce lesser noise.

The best part is that they include a double fan which compliments the efficient rotary compressor utilized by boosting its performance even at the intense temperature of 55oC. Whirlpool considers that this combination of dual-fan compressors produces 50% faster cooling contrasting to its competitors.

4-in-1 Filtration Combats PM 2.5 Pollutants

PM 2.5 consists of very fine particles within the atmosphere that are of the dimensions 2 and a half microns in diameter (or less). A micron is a unit of dimension on a microscopic scale with one inch equating to 25,000 microns.

Thus, you may wonder exactly what would be the sources of PM 2.5?


  • Fine particles emitted from:

  • Car

  • Bus

  • Truck

Minute material expelled from the exhausts of:

  • Snowmobile

  • Construction equipment

Burning of:

  • Oil

  • Grass fire

  • Wood

PM 2.5 may cause significant health handicaps since they may travel throughout the respiratory tract hitting the lungs. PM 2.5 can lead to the next health impairments:

  • Reduction in smooth lung functioning

  • Throat and lung irritation

  • Eye and nose irritation

  • Increased rates of chronic bronchitis

  • Coughing and sneezing

Whirlpool ACs include a four layers filter that exterminates 99 percent of damaging PM 2.5 pollutants by ensuring the elimination of bacteria and allergens. Each layer of this filter performs the following purpose:

  1. Anion filter: Removal of PM 2.5

  2. HD high density filter: Normal filtration and removal of dust

  3. Activated Carbon Odor filter (ACF): full removal of foul odor

  4. Silver filter: Removal of bacteria and PM 2.5

Copper Condenser for Low Maintenance Cost

The condenser utilized from the superior Whirlpool ACs consists of 100 percent of aluminum. Among the critical benefits of copper condensers within the traditional aluminum, one is the heat transport from aluminum is better.

The aluminum condenser is stronger and a lot easier to clean and keep in comparison to the aluminum condenser. The only disadvantage of aluminum is they are costly than aluminum.

Advanced MPFI and Turbo Cool Technology

New windows AC out of Whirlpool includes innovative MPFI (Multi-Port Fluid Injection) technology with a unique 4×4 evaporator circuit layout that facilitates rapid heating exchange, leading to improved cooling output.

Furthermore, there's a Turbo Cool style that makes the fan and other elements run at peak rate to supply lively cooling within a time frame of 5 minutes.

Intellisense Inverter Compressor with Voltage Compensation Logic

High-end split ACs out of Whirlpool include Intellisense inverter technologies. Thus, what's inverter technology? Well, to be very straightforward, inverter technology is comparable to the auto accelerator.

When a compressor requires more electricity, it gives it more energy. If it requires less power, it provides less electricity. With this tech, the compressor is always running but brings less power or much more electricity based upon the warmth of the incoming air and the amount set from the thermostat.

The strength and speed of this compressor are corrected appropriately. The Intellisense inverter employed in Whirlpool inverter ACs maximizes peak functionality to offer perfect cooling at the low working voltage and intense temperatures of around 55oC.

Fireproof Control Box and Voltage Compensation Logic

Load shedding and power cuts is commonplace in India, particularly in remote cities and towns. ACs being an enormous electric appliance, are prone to vagaries of the provided electricity.

Power cuts normally poise the issue of a voltage alteration that could harm the air conditioner. Premium split ACs out of Whirlpool are effective at handling this issue due to their clever voltage reimbursement logic and alloy enclosed inkjet control box.

Smart voltage reimbursement logic acts as a miniature stabilizer, ensuring the smooth performance of the AC even at the selection of 155V to 264V. Control boxes of ACs are prone to fire because of excessive flow of power or short-circuiting.

So following the large safety and precautionary criteria, contemporary Whirlpool split ACs arrive with a steel casing with a fireproof situation for the controller box to prevent any fire injury.

The final word

Whirlpool may not be the ideal AC manufacturer but does quite an adequate job at cooling. Discussing the negative sides, their energy efficiency amounts are, for the most part, roughly average or below average in each star rating scope, but their versions are also funding friendly.

Among the things we enjoy the most about the brand new Whirlpool AC is the fact that it includes a program control attribute. In case you have an IR blaster in your mobile phone, it is possible to just control your AC using the program. It lets you not only modulate the temperature but additionally discriminate between different modes.

Another helpful feature is the fact that it might apprise you of the energy intake depending on the use and supply a graphical representation of this use, which means that you may obtain a better idea of just how many units of energy AC is guzzling.

A double fan rotary compressor with 3 vents guarantees that space is heated without piling up a lot of power units. The use of an aluminum condenser ensures prolonged durability and minimal maintenance price.

The 4-in-1 filter utilized ensures that the damaging PM 2.5 pollutants are filtered out before they contribute to some health conditions. So, select the Whirlpool AC when you've got a limited budget but need an energy-efficient server and would like to safeguard your household from pollutants, allergens, and bacteria.

On the other hand...

Onida ACs at a legitimate sense gives"air conditioning" all year round. Be it cooling through scorching summers, dehumidifying during heavy downpours, or heat throughout bone-chilling winters, Onida is your trusted companion around weathers.

On the front, the floral design layout of several Onida versions gives it a refreshed appearance. The new premium version's remote includes a nighttime shine button allowing the user to get easy access to these configurations.

The 4-way heating system with 30 feet airflow array ensures heating reaches every corner of this space. Onida ACs are intended to shield customers from pollutants, germs, and mosquitoes aside from providing comfy cooling in an efficient method. DualCool inverter with a broad operating range is your major plus point in favor of Onida.

Onida has received critical reviews for its previous models coming with an aluminum condenser. An aluminum condenser is more affordable than an aluminum condenser but tends to get corroded quicker. Additionally, it's rather tough to fix an aluminum condenser, and it largely wants a whole replacement, so the fix fees would be quite large.

But recently, Onida has additional anti-corrosion coating into the aluminum condensers. A better variant of this aluminum condenser at the kind of specialized aluminum metal using a lesser propensity for rust is used in some specific brand new versions.

In addition, it has begun offering more versions with the aluminum condenser in its own premium collection. Consequently, if you're somebody who'd rather choose Onida AC however reside in a sterile environment, i.e., proximity into sea/ocean or chemical mills, then go for the AC version coming with a copper condenser.

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